Award Winning Flat Roofs in California

Anchored business complex in Southern California, USA.


SureCoat Roof System installed by: JEMSTAR CONSTRUCTION 

If you are a property owner considering a new roof, re-roofing or having roof repairs performed on your building what questions should you ask? We made a list for you from the questions that we hear often when pursuing business in this tough, tight and green economy.

1. What are the waterproofing properties and abilities of the product that you are using?

2. Are there any Energy Saving values in this product, if so what are they?

3. Does this roof qualify for tax breaks?

4. How long will this new roof last?

5. What is the durability, how does it stand up to the elements?

5. What is the warranty coverage?

6. How long will the installation take?

These are standard questions that not only property owners and the facility maintenance men ask, but these are the same type of questions that contractors (like us), property managers and tenants ask as well. It is nice to be able to offer the best quality service along with the best quality products. It is even better when can be done with products that are the best for the environment and in the best interest of the customer financially.

We all know that WHITE is the new GREEN, especially here in Southern California,USA! Jemstar Construction has found a product that has the waterproofing, energy efficiency, and durability desired by contractors and roofers alike, across the Nation.

Here is some more proof….JEMSTAR did it again! Another AWARD WINNING ROOF in Southern California!

CLICK HERE to read SureCoat’s Blog on their Project of the Month. 


April’s Project of the Month for SureCoat Systems was awarded to Jemstar and Alden Management for reconditioning and upgrading the flat roof, A/C plenums and ducting at Lantern Bay Shopping Center.  

The shopping center houses several different kinds of tenants including restaurants, retail shops and professional office space. The BUR roof on this center in Dana Point, CA had hundreds of repairs and recurring leaks from failed repair attempts. Ponding water and congestion from the mechanical equipment made this a perfect candidate for a SureCoat System. This project was completed during regular business hours and because the roof mounted mechanical equipment stayed in place, the tenants were not inconvenienced. No tear-off, no fumes, no down time and best of all no leaks!

It is no secret that JEMSTAR CONSTRUCTION is a proud certified applicator of The SureCoat Roof and Wall Systems, you can easily see why!

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Are you waiting for disaster to strike before you fix your problems?


Are you waiting for disaster to strike before you fix your problems?

So many of us wait until a state of emergency before we take care of things. From exercising to preparing for a business meeting, we procrastinate until the last minute (if we can get away with it).

What compels us to do this? Is it our busy schedules, too much online browsing, or the stress of “where do I start?” Whatever the reason, how about a proactive approach?

If we take care of things as they come up instead of using the “I’ll take care of that later” mentality, we might be surprised at the results. i.e.: Check your tires so you’re not on the side of the freeway (late to the jobsite) with a blow-out! Makes sense right? The same applies in most of our affairs…from filing paper work to getting a haircut, don’t wait until its a huge mess before you do something about it.

Is there real value in a proactive approach for building maintenance? YES! 

Similar to maintaining your HVAC equipment and company trucks by way of oil change or tune up, you must also maintain your buildings roof. If you don’t chances are you will have clogged drains and scuppers, decomposing debris pile up (causing harsh damage to your roofs “waterproofing” material), splitting at penetrations and overflowing gutters. All of these lead to leaks in your office and warehouse space. I don’t know about you but at our business, we have some pretty expensive equipment in our office and warehouse. Is it worth the couple extra bucks a month to make sure that it is not damaged? I think so!! Even if you have insurance coverage (for major damages) who really wants to go through with all that? I know this sounds a little dramatic, but it has very well been the truth for many! The most effective way to avoid these water intrusion issues is to have regular roof maintenance performed at your location.

Routine Roof Assessment 

  • 2 Inspections Annually
  • 1st initial inspection
  • 1 more inspection completed at 6 months
  • Remove all trash & debris
  • Inspect primary roof drains, scuppers, overflow & downspouts
  • Remove all restrictions for proper or most adequate operation of roof rain design


There is added value in routine roof maintenance too. It allows for deficient areas to be addressed through inexpensive, planned maintenance, before they become urgent repairs that can become very expensive. It also allows for concerned parties to understand what current preventable maintenance issues exist.

Since 1976 JEMSTAR has been serving California with our background and experience in the construction industry. Our extensive background in residential remodeling and commercial build-outs gives us an advantage over our competition. Since 1982 we have been working with property management companies and building owners for their commercial building construction, improvement, renovation, roofing and roof maintenance needs. In 2005 we advanced with the ever changing technology of this age to meet the need for energy efficiency in “green” building options. We now specialize in commercial coating applications for roof and wall exteriors as well as commercial renovations.

As a company, we have done a tremendous amount of research on the products that we use here at JEMSTAR, making us 100% SURE that we are using the BEST products on your jobs. Our 35 years of expertise allows us to provide you with the professional service and technical support that you deserve. JEMSTAR is here to assist you with all of your commercial build-out, remodeling, exterior coating, roofing, and roof maintenance needs!

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JEMSTAR saves dying Foam Roof in Blythe, California

Foam Roof

Foam roof in Blythe, CA at the end of its life cycle.

Well I have to say that Thank You JMESTAR crew for another job well done!

We had hope when there was none in Blythe, California for The Stardust Apartments…

and that is because we have faith in a product that not many contractors know about yet. Now all the tenants here can enjoy a leak free winter for years and years to come, not to mention lower energy bills, especially in the summer. Take it from a renter; there is value in making your tenants happy and comfortable.

Most contractors would have taken one look at this roof and decided to tear it off. To replace it with another BUR system wouldn’t give them anything different they started with the last time and would end with the same result, a quickly aging, deteriorating, hot leaking roof.

There is too, your common coating systems, most use asphalt waste by products as an emulsion and topcoat it with acrylics that are not any more waterproof than paint. This surely would not be a healthy option for roofing here in Blythe either. The acrylics don’t last and peel off in short periods of time exposing the black material which absorb heat and UV rays – quickly deteriorating the emulsion until it looks like dirt. This “dirt” is the waterproofing with these type systems. The only warranty you receive is a no leak warranty for one year (standard with any construction company) and regardless if all the acrylic top coat has peeled away and you are left with an entirely black roof, if it doesn’t leak, you have no recourse.

We knew that we had to find a way to utilize the resistance to heat (R-Value) of the foam roof it already had, that it had to be protected with a energy efficient coating that emits heat and reflects UV rays, and most importantly it has to be waterproof. Some areas are flat and will pond water. A warranty that covers ponding is absolutely essential on this project.

Water intrusion is the worst form of trouble to these type roofs because the foam will absorb water like a sponge during the wet season. This can cause problems such as rotting of the roof deck or harboring mold and mildew. Fortunately this is a very hot area, and much of this roof was not protected, allowing the moisture to escape by turning into steam and evaporating.

This roof was left unprotected from the all the harsh elements and as a result had areas of blistering, ponding, rusting at sheet metal, mastic repairs that were burning the foam, cap sheet repairs that were failing and areas where the foam was exposed and deteriorating throughout the entire roof field.

This is typical of unprotected foam roofs. Fortunately for us and for them, SureCoat’s system was developed over 12 years ago to replace two part urethanes that are supposed to be used to protect foam. The two part materials are expensive, require special equipment to install but they provide the right protection. SureCoat’s original formula was made to be an ultra durable cold fluid applied single component alternative to urethanes made to protect foam roofs from UV degradation and water.

Long before coatings where popular SureCoat was doing what acrylics never could and still don’t-recondition and protect SPF.

The building owner agreed and JEMSTAR signed, sealed and delivered a pristine reconditioned roof to The Stardust Apartment in Blythe, California.  

If Sure-a-thane was not on the market, there probably wouldn’t be another option except to tear this roof off, down to the sheathing, and put on an entirely new roof assembly. The new building codes require that a cool roof material would have to be used. That means that at the very least, a coating of some sort would still have to be applied. Using an acrylic (roof paint) would last maybe 1-2 years. This would only detour the UV rays and heat for a short time from breaking down the new roof materials. To reinstall a foam roof would be even more expensive. Saving what is still good on this roof and adding what it lacks & never had, we installed a roof system better than a new roof of much greater cost could.

By using The SureCoat Roof System on this roof we were able to leave the owner with a renewable 10 year Warranty – and we feel good about that here at JEMSTAR!

Call 800-771-0638 if you have a dying roof that’s in need of saving!

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Get to know our owner Jesse Martinson


We want you to get to know us and we want to get to know you! 

We at JEMSTAR, INC are confident that as a team, we will be able to address all of your remolding and renovation needs, bring to life your envisioned project and exceed your expectations.

JEMSTAR, INC. dba JemStar Construction, is an award-winning construction company that has served Southern California for over 27 years.

In 1982, Jesse Martinson founded JemStar Construction serving the explosive real estate industry in Southern California.  He obtained his C-9 contractor’s license in 1983 and added his B-1 license shortly thereafter.  As a new business owner, JemStar focused on residential drywall projects, including interior paint and finish work.  JemStar had the opportunity to work with Mercury Savings and Loan, specifically with their REO Department.  We completed dozens of projects for Mercury over the next several years in addition to the residential projects.

In 1987, JemStar broke into the commercial remodeling industry and began to work with many restaurants, fast food chains and retail companies, including Chili’s Restaurants, Macaroni Grill, McDonald’s, Jack-in-the Box, Taco Bell, Carl’s Jr., Denny’s, 99 Cent Store, Starbucks, P.F. Chang’s, Marie Callendar’s and many more.  Over the next 12 years, JemStar worked with these companies to complete their interior remodels, pour new concrete walkways and upgrade their stores to the current ADA requirements.  Additionally, JemStar managed several large projects for developers including an apartment building, bus stations, childcare centers, etc.

In 2000, JemStar entered a joint venture with a sales and marketing company to pursue the home improvement market once again.  We specialized in exterior remodeling only, i.e., vinyl windows, siding, fascia & soffit, coating products (alternative to paint), garage doors, and rain gutters.  Through 2005, the company’s focus was on exterior home improvements only.

At the end of 2005, JemStar terminated that joint venture and once again returned to commercial projects alongside the residential.  The company’s focus is now geared toward commercial and residential work concentrating on exterior coating products for walls, decks, concrete, and flat or low-sloped roofs.  We still offer all of the same exterior products as well. 

In summary, over the years, we have provided reliable services for numerous clients including construction lenders, developers, and commercial real estate interests, including commercial, retail, hospitality and industrial clients. 

In addition to serving thousands of residential customers over the last 27 years, we have also completed hundreds of commercial projects for the various companies listed above. 

JEMSTAR, INC. dba JemStar Construction, has an impeccable reputation in Southern California and a spotless record with the Contractor’s State License Board and the Better Business Bureau.

Help us to get to know you and your business better by making a comment below. Thank you for reading!

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Is it time for your check up?

Winter is just around the corner…..


Roof Maintenance at 1st Citizen's Business Bank

Don't let this be your Building!!

Fall season is here and it’s time to have your roof checked out. Even if you have a fairly new roof, check your warranty…chances are it states that an Annual Maintenance is required! Be Sure to keep your Warranty in “Good Standing” by having your Roof Maintenance completed before the winter really gets rough. Call JEMSTAR today to schedule your roof’s check up.


Lack of roof maintenance can end up costing you $$$


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